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Grout Cleaning Omaha

Every type of flooring requires some maintenance; tile and the grout keeping it in place are no exceptions. When tile and grout cleaning by hand isn?t getting the job done, the Groutsmith can return the grout in your Omaha home to like-new condition.

Grout, the putty-like filling between tiles, is extremely important for holding tiles together as well as preventing cracks, unevenness, or wear. Unfortunately, grout is a porous material which means over time it will absorb dirt, mildew, mold, and lime. This is why it?s important to invest in grout cleaning to restore the quality of your Omaha home?s hard surfaces.

Our Grout Cleaning Process

The Groutsmith uses a combination of professional equipment, high-quality products and industry experience to remove all of the buildup on your tile and grout. Depending upon the last cleaning and when the grout was last sealed, we are often able to return blackened grout back to its original bright white. We will remove dirt, grime, grease, bacteria and bad smells from your tile and grout. To achieve the best results, we utilize a deep cleaning solution, high pressure water, and concentrated heat to clean every last bit of filth from your tile and grout.

Grout Sealing

It’s important to have our team of professionals seal your newly cleaned grout to keep your tile and grout looking like new for a long time. It truly helps to protect the grout from future cleaning issues. We are able to use a clear sealer, a color sealer, or our exclusive restorative sealer depending on your preference. All of our sealers are 100% guaranteed. We stand by our products and guarantee our clear and color sealers for one year and our exclusive restoration sealer for ten years.

The Groutsmith believes in completing projects in a timely manner so our grout cleaning process leaves most newly cleaned tile floors and walls dry within minutes. We also are not afraid of a large project or a compact one. No space is too big or too small. Whether you have a tiny shower or a large showroom, the Groutsmith has the cleaning technology to tackle a space of any size. We are capable of providing the highest quality grout cleaning for any place grout has been used your Omaha home or business.

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