Grout Repair and Restoration

Omaha Grout Repair and Restoration

Grout repair and restoration is the fastest and easiest way to breathe life back into your tiled floors and spaces. The Groutsmith provides high-quality grout repair and restoration that will make you proud to show off your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other tiled spaces in your Omaha home. Whether you?re having guests over or you just want to feel clean in your own home, The Groutsmith?s fast and reliable grout restoration service will have your hard surfaces looking as clean and shiny as the day they were first installed.

Why Grout Repair is Necessary

Grout is a porous material so it will absorb spills, dirt, and buildup from everyday wear and tear. This makes grout just like all other flooring materials: it must be maintained or your tile will need to be replaced much sooner than you would like. If grout is not repaired regularly, the flooring and even its underlying support can become damaged.

Grout repair is simply a quicker and less expensive alternative to installing all new tile throughout a space. Not only will your space look like new, but you will greatly extend the life of the hard surface. Newly installed and sealed grout creates a water-tight barrier that prevents the tiles from moving or cracking and keeps spills, stains, dirt, and other everyday nuisances from permanently affecting the tiled area.

Our Process for Regrouting Tile

Discolored, damaged, and missing grout can completely ruin the look as well as the constitution of any tiled space in your Omaha home. Regrouting tile is simply the process of delicately removing old grout then replacing and resealing it.

The Groutsmith?s quick and clean tile regrouting services will drastically improve the look of every tiled space in your Omaha home. Regrouting tile often makes it appear as though you replaced the entire tiled space. Our experienced technicians use a combination of professional equipment, high-quality products and industry experience to remove the old grout from around the tiles and replace it. If needed, we can also replace any cracked tiles if you have replacements available. Our grout repair process is quick and clean leaving your tiled surface ready for use often by the next day.

Make Your Tile Last by Sealing Grout

After regrouting, sealing your new grout will keep your tiled space looking like new for a long time. Grout sealing truly helps protect from future cleaning issues and damage. We are able to use a clear sealer, a color sealer, or our exclusive restorative sealer depending on your preference. All of our sealers are 100% guaranteed. We stand by our products and guarantee our clear and color sealers for one year and our exclusive restoration sealer for ten years.

Still Unsure? Try a FREE Demo!

If you?re still on the fence about our grout repair and restoration, you can schedule a free demonstration today and let our experts show you how we can transform your Omaha home with our high-quality service.

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