Tile Repair and Restoration

Omaha Tile Repair and Tile Restoration

When the beauty of your Omaha kitchen, bathroom, or other tiled space is compromised by grimy, cracked, chipped, or loose tiles, the Groutsmith can provide high quality tile repair and tile restoration to bring back the original splendor.

Tile Restoration

To return grimy, stained tiles to like-new condition, the Groutsmith provides tile cleaning and restoration services. Depending upon the last cleaning and when the grout was last sealed, we are often able to return blackened grout back to its original bright color. We will remove dirt, grime, grease, bacteria and bad smells from your tile and grout. We utilize a deep cleaning solution, high pressure water, and concentrated heat to achieve the best results for tile restoration.

Tile Repair

Replacing an entire tiled floor or space can be extremely expensive, especially when the problem is just a few unsightly tiles. The Groutsmith provides tile repair and tile restoration services to prevent the costly replacement of an entire tiled space. Keep the original tile color and design you love, but fix the tiles that are unattractive or dangerous.

When done properly by trained professionals, tile repair and resealing can ensure the underlying structure of your tiled space is protected from future damage and more costly repairs. The Groutsmith?s highly qualified specialists delicately remove damaged or discolored tiles then install their replacements. We can also perform tile re-bonding to secure loose or hollow tiles once again using a proprietary tile adhesive.

Complete the Process with Grout Repair

Once all tile repair and restoration has been completed, grout repair and grout sealing are important next steps to ensure your tiled space lasts for many years to come. Grout repair will prevent tiles from cracking or shifting and eliminate any need for future tile repair. Sealing grout is the final step and keeps spills, dirt, and buildup from everyday wear and tear from being absorbed into the porous material. We are able to use a clear sealer, a color sealer, or our exclusive restorative sealer depending on your preference. We stand by our products and all of our sealers are 100% guaranteed.

The Groutsmith offers comprehensive tile repair and restoration to fix any damaged tiles and to make the tiled spaces in your Omaha home look as though they were just installed. We are capable of providing the highest quality tile retoration for every type of tile you may have in your Omaha home or business.

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