Natural Stone Restoration

Omaha Natural Stone Restoration

Keeping natural stone looking like new is hard work. For professional natural stone restoration, the Groutsmith of Omaha is well-trained in the trusted techniques necessary to return stone to its natural beauty.

While sealing natural stone will keep it beautiful longer, sealers can?t prevent all scratches, abrasion or etching. With time, foot traffic and daily wear will take their toll on the stone?s surface. Worst of all is when the sealer was not enough to prevent stains. Fortunately, natural stone restoration can remove ugly stains and make it seem as though nothing ever happened. After the Groutsmith finishes with a thorough natural stone cleaning, we can fill holes and polish the surface to really restore its original brilliance. Filling holes and re-polishing are actually a very normal part of natural stone restoration and maintenance.

Natural Stone Restoration Includes the Following:

  • Granite restoration
  • Marble restoration
  • Limestone restoration
  • Soapstone restoration
  • Gabbro restoration
  • Slate restoration

Don?t let discoloration, stains, or damage to the natural stone surfaces of your Omaha home become the norm. Let the Groutsmith bring back the original splendor with established natural stone restoration techniques. Preserve your stonework for many years to come with a thorough natural stone cleaning and sealing. We stand by our products and 100% guarantee our clear and color sealers.

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