Stone Sealing

Sealing Natural Stone in Omaha

All natural stone is porous to some degree, which means sealing natural stone is an important part of maintenance to keep your stone surfaces looking beautiful for many years. To keep your stone surfaces from absorbing spills and other common disasters, the Groutsmith of Omaha is experienced in sealing natural stone to prevent stains and daily use from damaging the stone surface underneath.

Sealing Natural Stone Regularly

Due to its natural beauty, stone surfaces are often used in high traffic areas despite the damage that daily wear can cause. Without regular maintenance and sealing, the stone surfaces of your Omaha home will be susceptible to staining, discoloration, erosion, and even odor absorption. Sealing natural stone will allow you to take care of spills and messes before they are absorbed into the porous material. This will make everyday cleaning and maintenance faster and simpler.

Natural stone sealers will typically last around 3-5 years before resealing is recommended. Of course, how often you keep up maintenance and how heavily the surface is used will have a big impact on the sealer?s durability. With heavy-traffic areas and wet areas, you will likely need to seal the stone most often.

Sealing Natural Stones Including:

  • Granite sealing
  • Marble sealing
  • Limestone sealing
  • Soapstone sealing
  • Gabbro sealing
  • Slate sealing

Keep up the beautiful aesthetic of the natural stone surfaces in your Omaha home with regular sealing from the Groutsmith. Our team of experienced professionals will help you to maintain the original splendor with established natural stone sealing techniques. We stand by our products and all of our sealers are 100% guaranteed. We are able to use a clear sealer or color sealer depending on your preference.

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