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Omaha Repair and Restoration

The Groutsmith provides high-quality, professional repair and restoration services for the tiled spaces of Omaha homes and businesses. The Groutsmith is well-trained in the trusted techniques necessary to return tile and grout to their original beauty. With our quick and thorough services, your tiled spaces can once again look as though they were just installed.

The Groutsmith only uses professional-grade products and trusted techniques that are proven to be safe and effective. We offer grout and stone sealers that are 100% guaranteed to ensure your tiled space looks like new for longer. We start with repairing any damaged tiles, grout, or caulk then utilize our thorough restoration processes to remove all buildup and smells. After the Groutsmith?s meticulous service, you won?t even recognize your space.

If you’re not sure you need our tile repair and restoration services, or if you?d like to better understand our process, we offer a free consultation and demo to really show you how effective our services are. Schedule a free demonstration today and let our experts show you how we can transform your Omaha home or business.

Call 402-875-9020 to schedule your FREE demo today!

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